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Email Subscription Update

Hi Everyone,

If you have been wondering why you have not been receiving any email updates you need to re-subscribe to the Blog Newsletter.  I am sorry for the inconvenience but there is plenty of new stuff on the new website.  Go on, ; Subscribe! Why miss out on the Lord and Master series and more?

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See you at my new home at


The Moving Bug strikes again!

Hey folks! Guess what? The younger of the brats has gifted me with my own website and my blog has moved to that from today! So please visit me at .
I will try to pep it up so that you don’t accuse me of doling out old wine in a new bottle! Come to think of it, old wine tastes great no matter what the bottle is, right? ;)
To all email subscribers, you will have to subscribe once again on my new blog.  Do let me know how you like the new design; and if you coax me enough I might even start using Twitter!
A new post is up on the new blog, awaiting all your comments!

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